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August 27 2017



// Hey, friends, I just had someone try a fishing attempt on my blog.  If it wasn’t a bot and instead a real person: back up, creep.

That being said, apparently this is a thing that has happened before to other people, and I’m grateful for my suspicion.  If you get a youtube video (one by C.rosa R.osa in my case - apparently a favorite for this) randomly sent in as a submission, and you see some name with a sketchy h.otmail email address linked to it, DO NOT CLICK ON THE EMAIL ADDRESS.  The video is just a link to y.outube, yes, but the email link is not.  It is a fishing attempt and will lead you to a blank page.  Fortunately I looked this up before I did anything, so joke’s on you asshole.

This is so incredibly random, and I’ve never had this happen before, but it weirded me tf out enough to make a post about it.

Anyway, again, for that person who submitted that - get the hell off of my blog and off of tumblr.  Ridiculous.

Hey heads up, this is what it looks like:

I don’t usually click on the e-mail anyway, but thank God for this post. I’m blocking and deleting this submission.
Watch out, guys !

August 26 2017


I’m sorry but homophobia and racism aren’t opinions

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I have no words for how perfect this is

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#when your otp is competitive af #but they secretly love it

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Scary Potter
1. …and the Sorcerer’s Stone
2. …and the Chamber of Secrets
3. …and the Prisoner of Azkaban
4. …and the Goblet of Fire
by DylanPierpont

Holy shit


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Please watch this movie, guys,

It’s directed beautifully, they subtly show feminism without exclusively bad mouthing men, and without hesitating they show the issue of how girls are viewed in India. I can safely say that the level of misogyny is in a lot of Asian countries, households and community, it really hits close to home.

They even mentioned the reality of underage marriage and why it’s a problem.

Believe me, it’s an empowering movie and whoever stands with women’s rights will understand what I mean.

since the movie wasn’t mentioned i took the liberty of looking for it! It looks amazing and is the second highest-grossing film at the worldwide box office (x)

It’s called Dangal and you can watch the trailer here

I have watched it and another tidbit is that it is actually based on a true story! Geeta and Babita Phogat won medals for their country in the Commonwealth Games and they come from a state in India (Haryana) that is generally known to be not that progressive. 

This is Geeta: 

This is Babita 

and this is their father, Mahavir Singh Phogat, 

The story is inspiring, amazing and every single one of you should watch it by hook or by crook. 


the only person u should compare yourself to is your old self!!!!! 

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Article: https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2016/08/katherine-johnson-the-nasa-mathematician-who-advanced-human-rights

If you haven’t seen Hidden Figures, it’s a great movie about her life and legacy.

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Wicked! 👍🏻

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Riverdale + text posts

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

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if you’re in south texas and need to get stuff before the hurricane go to sam’s club!! they’re waiving memberships so people can stock up!!

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Hogwarts is honestly chaos

I am literally fighting to breathe

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I wish more white women would be willing to understand this too, sigh


sticky maple: is released 0.2 seconds ago

veronica: i’m ready for murder 

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August 25 2017






when ppl act like the goal of anti-nazi ppl is to “”change their minds”” about their “”beliefs”” like… that’s… 

we don’t give a shit about their ~beliefs~??? I dont care if mr dick is sittin in his house thinking jews are awful. I would LIKE for him to not think that but I ultimately do not care. I do not care about changing his thoughts. 

i care about preventing him from having enough of a public platform that he and people like him gain the power to ACT ON those beliefs.

so yes actually! punching nazis when they are trying to be suave on television, such that they are unwilling to try to go and appear suave on television again, does accomplish that. 

i dont care what mr dick thinking in the privacy of the hole he crawled out of, at this point. we are at a point where there are way more pressing things regarding nazis. which is like. nazis get to be suave on television.

This quote is everything.

I’m mad that this has to be explained, but it has to be explained. 

It’s because people with enough privilege are allowed to think politics is only ideas. There are no real world concequences as far as they’re concerned because what will befall us won’t affect them.

It’s why they can so easily play devil’s advocate, and why they think they’ve won an argument when their opponent becomes “emotional” or personally invested.

Privilege allows cool detachment. To them only the opinions count, not the actions that come from opinions.

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Throughout the years, a lot of feminist critiques have panned Cinderella, including Emma Watson most recently, claiming that she’s a subservient doormat who lacks agency and waits for a man to save her throughout the course of her film. This criticism is null and void because Cinderella never once mentions wanting to find romantic love or wanting to meet the prince before attending the ball. This theory circulating, that many people have mindlessly reiterated, speculating that Cinderella planned to go to the ball to be saved by the prince is completely unfounded on the grounds that Cinderella ended up leaving the ball at midnight without so much as giving her name and, on screen, she verbally indicates that she had no idea the man she danced with the night prior was the prince at least three times. Ilene Woods, the original voice actress of Cinderella who had a lot of input into the development of the character, stated, “[Cinderella] was kind of spunky. She accepted life as it was and went after things she wanted. I think she was a spirited girl. I don’t think she needed the prince. I think she wanted to go to the ball and that was it at the moment. Then the prince wanted her and vice versa.”

I’m convinced most people who criticize Cinderella as a character mostly base their knowledge of her on that one Cheetah Girls song and not the original movie.

Seriously. Also Cinderella really wanted to do was go to a party. I don’t know how that got warped into “she wanted a man to save her!!!”

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If you missed Intersex Awareness Day yesterday, don’t worry! You can still share this phenomenal infographic made by our youth advocate @hannlindahl! Thank you so much for all the work you do for the intersex community, Hann! We are so proud of you!

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