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June 05 2017

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This fucking tweet

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What rich fucker needs 55 beds and bathrooms to himself or a small family?

that makes too much sense so it won’t happen

London FSSW Warning



for the London sex workers who don’t have twitter an escort was recently stabbed to death in her home by a client, he hasn’t been caught so please please be cautious! If you need a check in buddy I’m here! 

Please share this instead of liking it! Likes don’t spread the word I’m afraid and this is important

post was made on 04/06/2017 and I’ll be making updates as I hear them. 



yall during the election and directly after trump’s inauguration: it’s exceedingly clear that trump and his team are using his twitter account to post inflamatory and otherwise seemingly random comments to distract us from something they’re doing, we need to keep this in mind constantly and not fall into the trap of only paying attention to his tweets

yall literally only 4 months later: dur hur covfefe 

He literally withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Agreement during all this I’m going to scream.






quick reminder to all of you who take prescribed antidepressants, antianxolants, etc. Please, please, stay cool this summer. It is incredibly important that you remain hydrated and in the shade as much as possible to avoid overheating. Your meds can increase your body temperature. If you feel faint, get inside, lie down, and drink a glass of ice water. Your body is a lovely muffin that’s at that perfect stage of golden brown. DO NOT cook yourself. 

Wait. Antidepressants can make you overheat more quickly??? This makes so much sense, wow..

Yes, they can!

also if you take any ADD/ADHD meds like adderall or vyvanse remember to drink a lot because those meds are pretty dehydrating!

Holy shit this makes so much sense.


The most hilarious thing about the fact Buckbeak had a trial and lost is that later on JKR resolves the issue by having Hagrid take him in again and renaming him Witherwings. That’s literally all it took. What if in POA, Hagrid simply said, “Sorry, Buckbeak flew away.” 

“There’s a hippogriff right there, Hagrid.”

“A different hipprogriff.”

“I’m… pretty sure that’s the same hipprogriff.”

“Prove it.” 

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This spoon could help a ton of people (x) | follow @the-future-now

That’s cool but like I kind of feel bad about it because it’s so expensive ????

one day imma buy the technology and make it cheap like you buying basic cutlery.

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             You have to live life to the fullest. None of us live forever, you know?

June 04 2017

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bones rewatch1x17: the skull in the desert
“I’m just afraid that I don’t have a generous heart. I’m afraid that I won’t have the chance that I had with Kirk ever again.”
“You will.”
“How can you be so sure?”

When it dawns on you that this...


Was probably taken while filming this…

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defend me | Nomi x Amanita

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You’ve been visited by the Money Bird. He only appears every 500 years.

Reblog the Money Bird in 10 seconds and you will be blessed with loads of sweet cash in your life!!!

hells yeah i’m not passing up money bird

Email the Netflix decision makers to renew Sense8


Here are their emails:

Reed Hasting - Co-founder and CEO


Cindy Holland - Vice President of Original Content


Neil Hunt - Chief Product Officer


Ted Sarandos - Chief Content Officer



I got these emails from here which is a great post with more info about what you can do to help save Sense8, so definitely check it out! I just thought it would be helpful to put the emails in their own post to make them more prominent!


June 03 2017

my fellow sensates:


i just want to remind you to be calm and courteous when you speak with netflix personnel, be it by chat or by phone. it’s another person on the other line and it will only benefit our cause if we prove our maturity, determination, and intelligence. that said, when i called and made my displeasure known, i was thanked for having coherent points. this is important, as it makes it easier for the rep to discern a clear and digestible argument for the show’s potential continuation that they can pass on to the higher ups.

this is some of the stuff i brought up:

  1. netflix didn’t seem to care to advertise sense8. it didn’t even appear on a banner featuring netflix originals which was on their own website just a few days after season 2 was released
  2. if they’re going to judge it by the amount of views, then the timing of the release was poor. it’s finals and graduation season - people are busy. and judging it by that standard, in that timeframe is brutally unfair because it goes against netflix’s entire premise of watching when you please.
  3. making a decision when the second season hasn’t even been out for a full month makes even less sense when you consider that we waited for THREE MONTHS to hear about the season two renewal.
  4. the fanbase is incredibly loyal. we waited patiently for two years for a second season, so despite the production cost, people were paying for their service for that period with the primary justification being new sense8 content to come.
  5. the creators had planned the story out through at least five seasons. there was story left to be told, with an idea of where it would be headed. compare this to something like 13rw which was renewed, even though it’s already run through its source material. 
  6. fanbase age difference - sense8’s audience is probably a bit older than say 13rw’s. we have more spending power (as evidenced by holding subscriptions for two years as we waited for new content)
  7. finally, their reputation is on the line here. sense8’s diverse and progressive nature can only be a boon for netflix. this show is culturally and socially relevant. it made fans think highly of the company. thus the timing of the cancellation (first day of pride month) feels like a pointed slap in the face.

remember that netflix is still a company whose primary interest is money. i didn’t drive the point home too well, but you can and probably should add in an 8th point (how appropriate..) which focuses on money. maybe a personal statement about your own subscription would be good?

keep up the good fight, my friends. we’ll give them a war.


I’ve talked with someone on the french Netflix help center/customer service live chat and:

  • apparently the reason why it’s cancelled is because it’s too expensive, SO we should point out that at the end of s2 the sensates are all reunited in London! 1 PLACE! The location is something they can discuss with the directors and creative writers if that’s what it takes to save the show.
  • what works the most is being vocal on social media because the ppl who are in charge of content are on the @netflix social medias, not on the live chats etc. So they will see us directly.
  • they probably didn’t expect this amount of complaint. 
  • The woman I talked with told me that everybody’s very disappointed on her team at the tech service, they want s3 as bad as us. And they tell the ppl higher up about our complaints. 
  • She told me that since this morning, ¾ of the people she talked with were here to talk about sense8.

Basically, we’re doing good. Don’t give up. Keep talking about it! Keep calling Netflix!

READ THIS POST::: http://max-riemelts-me.tumblr.com/post/161350155142/renew-sense8-website-more

Netflix Customer Service


Alright everyone! So I’ve just finished getting off a 20 minute call with customer service. The lady that took my call was the sweetest thing. What she said? They’ve been receiving calls like crazy about the cancellation of sense8 from left to right. She also told me there have been some angry callers, but please guys, if you want something done, please be kind, being angry isn’t going to help when you’re talking to these people. She also told me that EVERY SINGLE FEEDBACK THEY RECEIVE FROM US COUNTS AND THEY TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. As she also said that Netflix is probably the only company she knows that does this. I spoke to her about the possibility of there being at least a special or a movie so we may be able to get a good and decent finale. Everything that we tell these people is being typed down and sent to headquarters. I came to ask as well about the possibility of Netflix selling the show forward and she said she wouldn’t know about that and told me that they can possibly keep making money off of sense8 if it’s still there. Make sure you guys tell them that if they cancelled it because they weren’t getting enough views; I specifically said to her “if you’re going to cancel it because it’s not getting enough views, excuse my language, but advertise your shit”. Why keep making money from a show that’s been cancelled if you’re not getting views and you’re not willing to promote it. I live in New York City and the only time there was ever something concerning sense8 here was the season 2 premiere which was amazing. Please let them know what this show means to you as well. She told me that people have called her and told her that they’re cancelling their accounts and this is happening fast where people are unsubscribing. Everything we do for this show makes a difference. She told me to lets keep our heads up and stay on the lookout which I won’t say it’s essentially a good thing but we’re doing good. So keep up the good work everyone, lets keep doing this!

Anything is possible.

The customer service line is 1-866-579-7172

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please bring my family back

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I gotta say a thing about this because it makes me so fucking angry that this sack of shit is allowed in the White House. (Infowars, not senator Murphy. He’s my senator and he’s doing awesome)

I worked with a woman whose child was in that first grade classroom that got massacred in the Sandy Hook shooting. We were all glued to the news all day and were hardly working because we all knew her kid was there and half the reports coming out of the whole thing were contradictory. She dropped everything and left to get to the school to pick him up when she heard.

She waited there most of the day. We waited in the office. One of the other ladies had her cell number and they were texting back and forth; everyone came to her to check in periodically to see what was happening. All she knew was that kids were slowly filtering back to their parents.

But she kept waiting. More children were reunited with parents. We finally heard that there was one classroom in particular that had been massacred. We also heard that some children made it to someone’s house nearby (which did happen). As the hours ticked by, the options dwindled and we realized that he was probably in that classroom and was gone, but held out a little hope that he’d made it to that house.

It wasn’t until after 5 pm, when I was on my way to run tech for a dance recital’s dress rehearsal, that we got confirmation that her son was killed. I sat in the back of the theater, watching other little kids his age practice their dancing, and cried.

They kept his funeral for family only but most of the office turned out for his wake. Surprisingly, it was open casket. He hadn’t been shot in the face or head. Have you ever seen a casket for a child? It’s fucking tiny. And they’d lined it with his favorite toys. Every single person in the room was either in shock and showing it or outright crying.

The woman never came back to work. She threw herself into advocacy work instead.

And these fucking people, infowars, have posted shit accusing the whole thing of being a hoax or set up or what the fuck ever. And people BELIEVE THAT SHIT. AND NOW THEY’RE GIVEN LEGITIMACY BY BEING ALLOWED IN THE WHITE HOUSE AS IF THEY WRITE ANYTHING REMOTELY JOURNALISTIC.

I’m infuriated. So fucking infuriated.

Anyone who believes that the terror and grief and horror of that day was fake needs to go die in a ditch. Those children died, killed in cold blood. My coworker’s child was killed in cold blood. I went to the wake of a 6-year-old boy; one of 20 others all taking place at once. Those families deserve better than this set of fucking nutjobs sending them death threats and trying to delegitimize their grief.

And now they get a louder voice.

Fuck them, and fuck anyone who believes their bullshit. And fuck trump for giving them attention.

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