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January 24 2018


2018 is the year of love. Giving and receiving love, learning to love. Loving yourself, your partner, your family and friends. Healing. Growing. Recovering. Loving your life and all in it. 2018 is the year of love.

January 23 2018

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Noirbnb….like Airbnb, minus the racism.

Black people inspire me everyday, the world gives us shit and we take it and turn it in to something beautiful.

I will be using! Lit!

Support my bro Stef and Noirbnb. For real. Not even saying that because he’s my homie. That’s a legit business and it’s for us!

FYI: They changed the name to Innclusive.

…If this post is gonna continue floating around and people really wanna support them, they should know that most likely they will not find noirbnb but they definitely WILL find Innclusive.

January 21 2018

Sometimes I forget that unsaid sentences do not mean unfelt emotions.
Tyler Knott Gregson
(via wordsnquotes)
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Episode of the Week - 7x05: The Twist in the Twister

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[With the 200th episode], we got a chance to reintroduce Booth and Brennan, and see the initial attraction and blossoming of their romance, in new circumstances….. they are essentially the same people, in different specific roles.“  - Stephen Nathan (x)

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If we are the same person before and after we love, that means we haven’t loved enough.
Elif Shafak, The Forty Rules of Love
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If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.
— Buddha (via bloomedd)


we should love ourselves

so fiercely

that when others see us

they know exactly

how it should be done.

— Rudy Francisco (via quotethat)
Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.
— Unknown (via quotethat)
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sense8 season 2 + quotes

January 20 2018

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hs yearbook meme shirewalker asked: doctor who + best bromance
“I had a friend once. She called me ‘Spaceman’.”

My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice
— Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (via slyherin)












The most hilarious thing about the fact Buckbeak had a trial and lost is that later on JKR resolves the issue by having Hagrid take him in again and renaming him Witherwings. That’s literally all it took. What if in POA, Hagrid simply said, “Sorry, Buckbeak flew away.” 

“There’s a hippogriff right there, Hagrid.”

“A different hipprogriff.”

“I’m… pretty sure that’s the same hipprogriff.”

“Prove it.” 

no dna tests we die like scientifically underdeveloped societies

Prisoner of Azkaban continues to be the most frustrating book

Someone should have just adopted Sirius and started calling him Gerald.

Remus: Erm… this is our new order member, my… cousin Gerald. Gerald White.

“Mr. Lupin that is Sirius Black with glasses!”
“Oh come now Minister, Sirius Black doesn’t wear glasses. That wouldn’t make sense.”
“Well have Mr. White take off his glasses then!”
“He can’t he needs them to see.”

it got better

It’s honestly a miracle to me that wizarding society doesn’t collapse every other week because like

You’ve got this world full of people who can destroy whole buildings or turn people into beetles or make vehicles fly just by waving a stick at them

And there is literally no common sense

Anywhere to be found

Voldemort would never have had anyone find out he was back if he just went around calling himself Steve 

Okay, see, I thought I saved this post to comment on it but I’d like to bring up

The Minister would NEVER EVER disbelieve in Gerald White. He’d buy it hook line and sinker. The wizarding world would buy it hook line and sinker. The GOBLINS wouldn’t but wizards have been shown to be pretty blindingly clueless. Still, Gringotts would grudgingly give Sirius access to the Black fortune.

But, but, but, you know the one person

the one person

who Gerald White would drive AB-SO-LUTELY FUCKING BATSHIT?

Severus Snape.

Snape would do everything, EVERYTHING, to get people to believe that it’s Sirius. But the Order would ignore it (they accepted Sirius as Sirius before anyway) and Remus would just be so… so affronted.

‘Severus, he is my cousin.’

And Sirius would love it. He’d love the fact that Snape just hated it. He’d be the BEST DAMN GERALD WHITE EVER b/c Snape is doing everything from dropping veritaserum into his firewhisky to capturing a dementor in a box and releasing it on Sirius when he least expects it

That one causes problems for a bare minute because SHIT A DEMENTOR ATTEMPTED TO GIVE GERALD THE KISS MAYBE SNAPE IS RIGHT except Harry comes forward and is like ‘excuse me, I’ve never committed a crime and dementors are ALWAYS attacking me, I think they’re attracted to glasses’

and the magical community is like ‘shit, yeah, you’re right’

and just

Spare. Snape goes spare.

Picturing Snape as Mr. Crocker from the Fairly Oddparents now.

Gerald White eventually becomes a fully registered animagus. When he turns into his animagus form right in front of Snape, Snape’s bursting at the seams, just pointing at him and spluttering:


And Remus calmly says: “That’s absurd, Severus. Sirius Black was never an animagus and besides which, people’s names don’t have any influence over their animagus forms or anything like that. That’s ridiculous.”

And Snape yells: “Shut it WEREWOLF MCWEREWOLF!”

Everyone looks at Remus, who blinks and sighs as Gerald White turns back into his human form.

“Pure coincidence,” Gerald says. “My aunt was into Roman mythology. Has to happen sometimes.” Then he pauses to give Snape an overly concerned look. “Are you alright, Severus? You’re looking a little red.”

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They just kicked some ass

For #PotterWeekPrompts: Best Friends


But as much as I bash Dumbledore, his actual literal character is phenomenal!

Half the fandom (including moi) interprets him as a manipulative leader who engaged in acts of child abuse and even orchestrated a child’s death in order to win a war. The other half of the fandom posts hilarious comics/memes/etc. of him being this gigantic dork who does what he wants because f the haters.

And the best part is, canonically, he is both!

He’s canonically the character who will plot your death while singing a musical number about how much he hates earwax Bertie Botts beans and it’s fantastic!

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victims of the 90’s

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Time to start a riot. 


People in the comments like „What are you complaining about, 55 hours is nothing, I work much more than that, they‘re just lazy!!“ - I hope you realise that you are doing exactly what people like Bezos want you to do: willingly throwing yourself into the meatgrinder of capitalism, with an insult to your fellow workers no less, while completely ignoring the fact that if Bezos (and people like him) actually paid his workers in accordance with their productivity, instead of hoarding the money for himself, no one would have to work that much.

January 19 2018


nothing but love, honest compliments, healing and laughs in 2018

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