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June 29 2017

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Happening right now on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

Follow the #Resistance150 hashtag on twitter for more live updates.

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The EPA seeks to undo clean water rule, putting 117 million Americans’ water at risk

  • On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers released a joint proposal to repeal the 2015 Clean Water Rule, an environmental protection law originally put in place in 1972 as the Clean Water Act, but codified by Obama in his second term.
  • The potential repeal could mark a success for President Donald Trump, who promised to repeal the rule during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • However, it could also spell disaster for all Americans who enjoy drinkable tap water.
  • “If you don’t think twice about drinking water from the tap, you’re benefiting from the clean water rule,” Jamie Henn, cofounder of 350.org, a nonprofit fighting climate change, said in an interview. Read more (6/28/17)

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Endless List of Favorite Characters: Angela Montenegro (Bones TV)

“You know what you people lack? Whimsy. It’s a genuine handicap” 

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Bunnies love flowers 🌼

June 28 2017

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In case it wasn’t clear…

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Can’t risk it

The duck of creativity. I waited so long for it.

June 27 2017

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Sorry for the long post, but Republicans are seriously trying to say that it’s not “civil” to point out the fact that their healthcare bill will cause millions of people to lose their insurance, which will cause thousands of preventable deaths.

Talk about it. Make noise about it. Tell the truth about what it’s going to do.

Help stop this bill:

For the love of Everything please please call your reps tomorrow




looks like we’re going strong on this…..keep it up guys. there’s a lot of nos on the board

To be clear, only Dean Heller (R-NV) and Susan Collins (R-ME) have said that they will oppose the bill in its current form (which means we should keep track of potential changes to sway their votes). This leaves Shelley Moore Capito, Rob Portman, Jeff Flake, and Lisa Murkowski as the deciding vote. We need at least 3 Republicans to oppose



no one fucking tells you this so here it is:

when signing out forms to apply for disability / filling out a form for diagnosis

you’re supposed to fill it out as you on your worst days

like, I filled out forms that said I could do most things usually

like, my doctor added in the conditions like “yeah, they can feed themselves when not stressed” “they can do this when not stressed

but how I should have filled it out was more like

“some days I can’t feed myself” “some days I can’t leave the house”

My doctor didn’t even know this, but I talked to someone who had worked with people with both developmental and intellectual disabilities for a number of years, and she told me to write down how it is for your bad days

this should be a thing they tell you, but it isn’t

part of the reason I didn’t get my autism diagnosis as soon as I should have is because I filled out forms wrong!





i worry that the way we talk about stonewall decontextualizes the event itself - that saying “the first pride was a riot” implicitly disconnects the raid on stonewall from the fact that similar raids on gay bars had been happening for decades prior, and that lgbt activists had been actively resisting police violence all the while, at the risk of their lives and livelihoods and reputations.

police oppression of gay people did not begin in 1969, and gay resistance to police oppression did not begin with the stonewall riots. that’s not to minimize the extreme importance of stonewall, of course, or the indelible contributions to our history and safety that were made by activists like sylvia rivera and marsha p. johnson and miss major griffin-gracy and stormé delarverie. but they were standing on the shoulders of decades and decades of leaders and activists who had come before them, who had fought and died and endured total brutality at the hands of homophobic police.

gay bars, as much as they were allowed to exist in the decades prior to stonewall, were persistently targeted by undercover police officers and by violent raids. in los angeles, from the mid-1940s onward, the LAPD employed out-of-work actors to pretend to be gay and infiltrate these spaces, solicit men for sex, and then book them on charges of public indecency.

the police department would give these officers quotas to meet on a weekly basis - round up and jail a certain number of homosexuals, or else. frequently, they would arrest men simply for appearing gay, or for having the bad luck to walk through a park or use a bathroom known as a gay cruising spot. this policy was a cash cow like none other, because these men would always plead guilty, would always agree to pay hefty fines in order to settle the matter and keep it quiet and avoid having their reputations ruined.

and the police would stop at nothing to bully people into pleading guilty. it was commonplace for police to handcuff their charges, shove them into the backseat of their cruisers, and then drive in circles for hours, looping to the outskirts and back, intimidating and harassing them all the way. by the time they finally pulled up at the police station and booked their charges, they would be so shaken by the abuse they’d just experienced that they’d plead guilty without a second thought, cough up whatever money they could spare in order to go free. 

in less extreme cases, police officers would simply verbally abuse the men they’d arrested, but just as often, the officers would physically beat, sexually abuse, or rape these men. oftentimes, the sexual abuse and rape would be part of the arrest itself - an officer would solicit sex from a man, the man would turn him down, and the officer would force him into sex anyway and then report that the man had initiated it.

like, this was daily fucking life for lgbt people for decades before stonewall. and fledgling gay activists fought it with everything they had, early. in 1952, the los angeles mattachine society established the Citizens Committee to Outlaw Police Entrapment after one of their founders, dale jennings, was stalked home by an officer, sexually assaulted in his own bedroom, and then booked for public indecency. rather than simply plead guilty, jennings chose to contest the charges and take them to trial - a totally unprecedented move - with the aid of socialist lawyer george shibley. and the jury voted 11-1 for acquittal, and he walked free. in 1952. seventeen years before stonewall.

but this shit kept happening, everywhere, for decades - new york city didn’t end its policy of police entrapment of lgbt citizens until the mid-1970s. and all the while, there was organized resistance. all the while, organizations like the mattachine society and street transvestite action revolutionaries fought back. 

it’s super, super convenient for heterosexual society to claim that there was just one inciting incident, and one moment of spontaneous, courageous resistance, that sparked the gay rights movement as we know it today. but we can’t fall into that trap. there were decades of brutal, violent police oppression, and there were decades of structured, well-organized resistance to that oppression. 

for a long time, the gay struggle against police violence was the only fight there was. in the late 1940s, at the dawn of formal organization, nobody was agitating for their right to live openly as gay or avoid employment discrimination or get married or adopt children. the movement emerged in opposition to the systematized detainment and torture and rape of gay people by police. 

and that is why lgbt people don’t owe the police shit, and why any police department with the audacity to demand time and space in a pride parade needs to be met with loud, unequivocal resistance. not because of one raid or one riot, but because of decades and decades of unapologetic brutality.

@allthecanadianpolitics Relevant to the recent Toronto Pride discussions. If people think this was exclusively a US problem, they are sorely mistaken about Canadian history.

Good information. Thank you.

Adding onto this, around the same time Stonewall was going on all of this was also going on in Canada:

What the ‘lavender scare’ tells us about Pride and its future


How 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids galvanized gay community


Canada ‘poured thousands and thousands’ into ‘fruit machine’ — a wildly unsuccessful attempt at gaydar


How Canada tried to purge its queers

If any one is looking for a more in depth read about state violence against queer people in Canada, I recommend The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation by Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile.

“From the 1950s to the late 1990s, agents of the state spied on, interrogated, and harassed gays and lesbians in Canada, employing social ideologies and other practices to construct their target – people who deviated from the so-called norm – as threats to society and enemies of the state.

Reconstructed from official security regime documents released through the Access to Information Act and interviews with gays, lesbians, civil servants, and high-ranking officials, The Canadian War on Queers offers a passionate, personalized account of a national security campaign that violated people’s civil rights and freedoms in an attempt to regulate their sexual practices. Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile disclose not only the acts of state repression that accompanied the Canadian war on queers but also forms of resistance that raise questions about just whose security was being protected and about national security as an ideological practice. “ (Source)

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“Strict new regulations on abortion providers were approved Tuesday by the Missouri House, setting up a showdown with the state Senate over just how expansive the legislation should ultimately be.

On a 110-38 vote, the House approved legislation that requires the state health department to conduct annual, unannounced, on-site inspections and investigations of abortion facilities.

The bill gives the state attorney general new authority to prosecute violations of abortion laws without first notifying local prosecutors. It also enacts new requirements for pathologists who provide services to abortion clinics, and repeals a St. Louis ordinance that bans employers and landlords from discriminating against women who have had an abortion, use contraceptives or are pregnant.”

Source (x)

I’m literally speechless.


Y'all are still surprised?? This country fucking sucks, and so does our system of government


i think a huge part of the problem with the HP movies isn’t just the characterization of Ron but how they gave Harry and Hermione a lot of Ron’s qualities to compensate for his minimized screen time

If you watch the movie, you wonder why Ron is the person Harry would miss most since they reduced him to comedic relief, often times making fun of him, even though Ron’s truest humor came from making fun of other people and his dry comments back to Hermione (Hermione is at her funniest with Ron, lbr). But in the books it’s a no-brainer that Harry would miss Ron more than anyone. He’s miserable in the weeks they don’t talk in Goblet of Fire and even says directly that being best friends with Hermione isn’t nearly as fun as being best friends with Ron. Honestly, that makes me really question Harmonie shippers like…I’m sorry if any of my friends ship it, but it makes no sense since Harry prefers being around Hermione when Ron is there and seeing as how they barely talked in the 7th book when Ron left and how Harry even told her to stop talking in Goblet of Fire when Ron wasn’t there like…no. They can’t be a couple. Ron finds the fun in being with Hermione and that’s the important thing above all else. But I digress.

So in the movies, they give some of his comedic lines to Harry ( “you ought to get your inner eye checked” in PoA is the first big one that sticks out to me) and even the times he ruthlessly defends Hermione against Snape/Malfoy (Ron was always quicker to act on that than Harry, though they both were obviously upset by the comments). They give a lot of his impulsiveness to Hermione (whereas in the books she’s the wet blanket telling Harry and Ron to think before acting and Ron’s the one often times blindly following Harry) and even some of the wizarding knowledge he brings to the table. In Chamber of Secrets, Hermione doesn’t know what a Mudblood is. Ron gets enraged on her behalf while she’s clueless. Ron’s the one who knows the wizard fairy tales. Ron’s the one who knows about Squibs and blood purity and all of these things neither Harry and Hermione know. But in the movies they reduce him to the dumb side character. He doesn’t protect Hermione from Snape’s cruel words. He doesn’t enlighten his friends. He doesn’t make them laugh. It’s a disservice to a great character and a great actor.

Ron gave up years of Christmases with his family to be with Harry. Everyone loves how Mrs. Weasley made Harry Christmas gifts for his first holiday at Hogwarts, but who told her that Harry wasn’t expecting gifts? Ron. Ron defeated McGonagall’s chest set when he was only 11 and then sacrificed himself so they could go on. Neither Hermione nor Harry could’ve made it out alive without him. Ron attacked Malfoy with a broken wand when he called Hermione a slur. Ron was the only person who cared that Hermione was taking three classes at once. Ron stood up on a broken leg to protect Harry against Sirius Black when he thought Sirius had killed thirteen people and wanted to kill Harry. Ron always apologized when he screwed up with his friends, sometimes with actions, sometimes with words, often times both. He was the one to tell Hermione and Harry about the jinx on Voldemort’s name. Ron repeatedly calls Hermione brilliant while still getting her to take herself and grades less seriously whenever he can. He tries to learn how to use a telephone just so he can talk to Harry. He gives Dobby his Christmas sweater since Dobby loves clothes so much. Ron followed spiders into the forest to help figure out the mystery in the second book even though his worst fear is spiders. Ron always knows how to find humor in the worst situations, something his friends always need. 

And the movies took all of that and made him a guy who just eats and says dumb things. So, yeah, that’s a huge part of why I hate the movie adaptations.

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Women should NOT be forced to feed their babies in a bathroom, all because we live in a misogynistic, porn-warped society that’s been brainwashed to believe that female breasts used for anything other than male pleasure is “indecent”. Support public breast feeding and end the porn culture.

Forever reblog

No. I’m eating. I don’t wanna see you hang out your goddamn tits while I have food. My kids don’t wanna see it. It’s not some misogynistic ideal, it’s fucking public indecency. Can I take my cock out under the table and feed my wife/girlfriend?
Fuck you

i genuinely cannot believe that you just compared a blowjob to breastfeeding oh my fucking god 

getting a blowjob is a sexual thing and it also does not ‘feed’ anyone whereas breastfeeding is literally not even a sexual thing a baby is having food that they need to live like it’s nowhere near on the same level as getting a blowjob omg

if you are uncomfortable seeing a woman breastfeeding then that is your problem because you have oversexualised breasts so much that you can’t even stand seeing them being used for their actual purpose and also you’re an idiot

go eat your dinner in a public bathroom, you trash bag

End skeevy dudes who compare whipping out their dick in public to breast feeding 2k15


Pediatric anthropology student, here.

1.) Breasts as sexual fetishes is a (largely Western) cultural construction. Yes, it’s a fetish – anything you are sexually attracted to that is not the genitals of an adult is a fetish, or paraphilia. My professors have met non-Westerners who think our men are “like babies” because they are attracted to breasts.

Breasts ≠ genitals. Scientifically, they are considered secondary sexual characteristics – same category as facial hair. They can be sexual in a sexual context, just as necks and feet can be. But their primary purpose is reproductive.

2.) Breastmilk is not a “bodily fluid.” It is FOOD.

It is not categorized by the CDC as a biohazard, and so no you don’t need to freak out if your coworker wants to store her milk right next to your Lunchables.


Breastmilk is not just protein and vitamins. It is a living, dynamic substance that BUILDS HUMANS.

It has hundreds of ingredients (<— actually that list needs to be updated because they’ve discovered more already).

There is a lab at the University of Washington St. Louis, where they have written all of the ingredients of human milk on the wall – They have run out of room on that wall. Among those ingredients:

  • The exact ratio of protein-sugars-fats that human infants need (cow’s milk doesn’t even come close)
  • Antibodies to pathogens in the baby’s environment (synthesized by the mother within hours of coming into contact with a given pathogen) and other immune factors
  • Stem cells. FUCKING STEM CELLS. (They used glow-in-the-dark mice to find out what they do!)
  • Hormones (support growth and regulate behavior)
  • peptides
  • Self-digesting fats (what the whaaat)
  • Growth factors
  • water, vitamins, minerals, carbs, etc.
  • prolly other awesome shit we don’t even know about yet because we’ve barely scratched the surface of this research!

These ingredients change hour-to-hour according to the baby’s needs. It will even add more water on hot/dry days. Fuck, breastmilk kills cancer in a petri dish.

Breastmilk. is. not. a. bodily. fluid. It. is. liquid. gold.

3.) When you tell a woman to go to the bathroom to breastfeed, you are perpetuating the notion that it is dirty and shameful and needs to be hidden away. This idea is the biggest barrier to achieving breastfeeding goals in the United States. Because women feel ashamed, they often stay isolated at home when they should be spending time out and about with friends and family and having, like, a life. This isolation can contribute to postpartum depression.

From the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding:

Women may find themselves excluded from social interactions when they are breastfeeding because others are reluctant to be in the same room while they breastfeed. For many women, the feeling of embarrassment restricts their activities and is cited as a reason for choosing to feed supplementary formula or to give up breastfeeding altogether.

And since we have this culture of shame and privacy surrounding breastfeeding, young girls and women don’t see it enough to learn what is normal/not and how to do it, so they often give up when they run into problems because they don’t realize there’s an easy fix.

Moreover, an infant needs to be integrated into society in order to develop properly. He/she needs to see faces and hear voices. Isolating them – or throwing a blanket over their head – takes this important component of their development away. It also often annoys them because they are understimulated.

4.) YOU NEED TO SEE IT. That’s right, YOU. Even if you are a dude. Maybe you aren’t a parent, but you probably have loved ones who are. Or you might become one yourself someday. And if you are American chances are you have no idea how breastfeeding actually works, because you never fucking see it. It’s messy and complicated, and hard. It used to be a part of everyday life, because there weren’t any alternatives – So we learned how to do it by being around it all the time, NBD. The whole sexualization/modesty thing surrounding breasts wasn’t a thing until like the mid-20th century. Check out this 1871 drawing of a woman breastfeeding IN FUCKING CHURCH:


She’s covered head to toe, in accordance with modesty standards of the time – except for her breast, about which the people around her give zero fucks.

More from the Surgeon General:

In American culture, breasts have often been regarded primarily as sexual objects, while their nurturing function has been downplayed. Although focusing on the sexuality of female breasts is common in the mass media, visual images of breastfeeding are rare, and a mother may never have seen a woman breastfeeding.

Mothers need to see it. Future mothers need to see it. Future fathers need to see it. Family members need to see it. Everybody needs to see it. SO THEY FUCKING GET USED TO IT.

So, no, I’m not gonna go to the bathroom to feed my kid. If you don’t want to see it, then DON’T. FUCKING. LOOK.

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Good thread on the Toronto Police/Black Lives Matter/Pride Toronto by @purplechrain

This really is the most important thing to remmber - no one EVER banned cops from being at Pride, that isn’t what cops WANTED. They wanted to be HONORED at Pride SPECIFICALLY for being police, they wanted to march in uniforms and carrying guns through the middle of Pride and force the LGBT community to bow to them. Any cop could go to Pride, but when told they couldn’t make a literal show of force at Pride they asked for its funding to be pulled, like that doesn’t prove exactly why they aren’t welcome

Masterpost: How to read a book


“Aly… Are you joking?”

No. Nop. Absolutely not. This is the title of this masterpost. I know you’re probably shrugging your shoulders or rolling your eyes while reading this masterpost. Reading a book in high school, college, university is more than just skimming through the book. You’re asked to analyse, you’re asked to make some research. But don’t worry (be happy!!), I’m here to give you my best piece of advice.  ✿

• When you get the book list, START READING !!!!

Okay I’m not asking you to read them all at once. What I’m saying is that it would be better to start with a book you like on the list. You can read a chapter per day or more if you feel like it! I usually download the pdf/ebook version and start reading it on my computer or my tablet. Here’s a list of website I use to find ebooks/pdf:


Planet Publish

Project Gutenberg

Planet Ebook

All of them are great and cost nothing, which is pretty good knowing what student life is! If you absolutely need a copy, old books on amazon are usually cheap!

• Revision cards are your best friend

Some piece of paper, revision cards, take whatever you want and make different cards. Each card is a chapter. You need to make a detailed summary of the chapter. Don’t miss the essential points. In addition to this, I usually write down the lexical fields I found as well as the main theme of the chapter (love, revenge, madness, etc…). Take your time while reading, don’t rush it. One chapter or two pages are better than nothing. The point of that is to help you to remember specific chapters when you will be studying the book with your teacher. The main themes will be helpfull when you’ll need to write an essay because it will give you the outline.

• The more you know, the better you’ll be

Isn’t it obvious? This masterpost isn’t just made to tell you to read your books, my goal is to help you to get the best grades you can because it worked for me! So you’ve read a chapter, you made your card about the chapter, etc..until you finish the book. Once you’re done the best thing to do is to make a card about : the writer, the history background and the genre of the book. I know it takes time but it’s totally worth it. History backgrounds can be the reason why the book was written, the author may have had a hard life that inspired him to write the book, you see every little detail matter!!!

• Internet is also your friend

What would be the point of a masterpost without the Internet? I know sometimes literature can be hard to understand. Here’s my tip: once you’ve finished a chapter, write down what you understood. Before starting your revision card on the chapter, check online (on the list of websites bellow) to make sure you got all the main ideas. Your life-savers are:

LitCharts, SparkNotes, Shmoop, CliffsNotes

You also have youtube videos that can help; I don’t watch a lot of videos but I know CrashCourse is great for literature: Here’s the two sections: 1 & 2

I hope you guys enjoyed this masterpost, if you have anything to add, feel free to comment I’m sure it will help the others as well! Don’t forget to reblog if you thought it was helpfull! 

Lots of love, Aly xx ✿

June 26 2017

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Reblog to make a white gay big mad

Reblog to make QPOC feel more welcome in their own community

reblog to normalize explicit support and solidarity for qpoc in the lgbt community

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Black Panther (2018) dir. Ryan Coogler

Why Should I Care For the Oceans?


We’ve all heard it:

“Why does it matter if we overfish tuna? It tastes so good!”

“If the oceans dried up tomorrow, why would I care? I live 500miles away from any body of water!”

The thing is, without the oceans, we would all be dead. Our planet would probably look like Mars. There would be no freshwater, no food for us to eat, no suitable climate for us to survive.


(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Whether you live by the coast, or only see the ocean once a year on holiday, the ocean has an impact on your life. Every breath you take, every food or drinks you have… is thanks to our oceans. Every single individual and living being on this planet is deeply connected, and extremely dependent upon our seas.

The oceans regulates climate, weather, and temperature. They act as carbon dioxide ‘sinks’ from the atmosphere. They hold 97% of the Earth’s water. They govern our Earth’s chemistry; all the microbes and microscopic organisms at the very bottom of the food chain support our own existence. The oceans are also crucial for our economies, health and security.


(Photo credit: Brian Skerry)

The past generations have been raised with the idea that the ocean is huge (and it is) and resilient, and that we could basically take from or put into the oceans as much as we wanted. Now, we found out that we cant go on this way. This mentality is part of our problem and it needs to change.

While we have made tremendous discoveries about the oceans over the last few decades, we have also caused more destruction to the sea than ever before. Many fisheries stocks are overfished, catastrophic fishing techniques are destroying the habitats and depleting populations, many marine species are on the verge of extinction, coral reefs are dying, pollution run-offs from agricultural farms are creating dead-zones where nothing can grow or live, millions of gallons of oil have devastated the Gulf of Mexico, bigger and faster container ships create noise pollution for marine mammals and endangers them…The list goes on, and on. We have had so much impact that we have actually changed the pH of the oceans! 

Pretty overwhelming, uh? 


So yes, you should care, because if the oceans crash, we as a species are crashing with them. The entire planet Earth will be gone. And if that’s not enough of a wake-up call for you, I don’t know what else could be!

While all the current marine conservation issues appear huge and insurmountable, there is still hope. Each individual can make a difference now. YOU can make better choices about which fish to consume (or not at all!) and ask about the way they were caught or raised, YOU can encourage sustainable fishing practices, YOU can decide not to use fertilizer or pesticides in your backyard, YOU can bring your own reusable bag to the grocery store and stop using plastics, YOU can stop using products with microbeads, YOU can participate in beach clean-ups, YOU can start your own research and discover even more awesome things about the oceans… YOU can spread the word to your skeptic friends! Have people follow in your footsteps; inspire your friends and family. Be the change :) !


(Photo source: Flickr)

“If you want to have an impact on history and help secure a better future for all that you care about, be alive now” - Sylvia Earle

Why Kala's so important to me



Kala is an Indian woman. She’s a main character. On a big budget tv show. Made by Americans. I want to repeat that: Kala Dandekar is a brown woman who is a main character on a tv show which is made by Americans, targeted mainly at an American audience. That makes Tina Desai, what? One of three? including Mindy Kaling and Aziz Ansari?

She’s, at her very core, a beautiful, hopeful optimist.

Kala is traditional and somewhat conservative, but she’s not narrow, she’s not bigoted, and not at all closed minded. She learns, grows, considers and accepts.

She’s unafraid to ask questions and is naturally curious. She’s polite but not shy. She’s confident within herself and no push over.

Kala respects her family, her culture and her religion but is not blind to their flaws - and she questions / calls them out when she thinks they’re wrong.

She’s a SCIENTIST. A scientist who wears pretty dresses, high heels and chunky, colourful necklaces. She refuses to fit into stereotypes.

Kala represents the battle between logic and emotion.

She’s the battleground for familial duty and obligation versus following your heart.

Kala is NOT in an arranged marriage.

She’s loved, valued and respected by her father.

Kala refuses to lie to herself about her affair with Wolfgang. When he gives her an ‘out’ (married women and fantasies) she refuses to use it. When she chooses Wolfgang, she does the right thing by deciding to tell Rajan the truth.

She’s in an interracial relationship with a white man who is NOT, in any shape or form, her saviour. Nor is he her ‘sexual liberator’.

Kala blows up just as much shit as Wolfgang does.

She’s a good person who acknowledges the darkness inside her and seeks to genuinely be better.

Perfect description of Kala #KalaAppreciationDay

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